Alive Ii and Kiss

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The history of kiss dates of 1971, when Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley formed the group Wicked Lester, where did they record an album for Epic Records. But they decided to take a new musical direction. So they formed a new band. 1972

At the end of 1972, Simmons posted an announce in the Rolling Stone magazine looking for members to formed the band. Peter Criss were one of the chosen. Conformed the treesome they started to experience with their style, using makeup and flashy costumes. 1973

January: Ace Frehley joined to Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to formed KISS. First appearance on live of KISS at the Coventry Club. June: KISS recorded their first demos, produced by Eddie Kramer. August: Bill Aucoin became the manager of KISS and the band signed a contract with Casablanca Records & Tapes. October: KISS recorded their first album, produced by Eddie Kerner and Richie Wise. The legendary American KISS began their great history. December 31: - KISS play concert at the Academy of Music in New York City. Simmons sets his hair ablaze while performing his newly inaugurated fire-breathing stunt.

February: the first album “KISS” was released in June and Kissin´ Time was their first single. It got the number 83 at the lists. November: KISS released to the market “Hotter than Hell”, second album of the band, when they started to show their interest to new markets.

April: the third album, “Dressed to Kill” was released, getting the number 32 at the lists (USA). Commercially, has more success than the second album. May: "Rock & Roll all Nite" was the most famous single, and got the number 68. November: “Alive!”, first live disc of KISS. Released in USA, got the number 9 at the charts. The single of the album “Rock and Roll all Nite’” again, but this time on live, got the number 12.

February: KISS printed their handprints at the Grumman Theatre in Hollywood. April: KISS joined the producer Bob Ezrin, the one who work at the LP “Destroyer”. It was the first album of KISS that turned into disc of gold. According with the members of the band, this album has been the project most ambitious until now, because they used sound effects and orchestras. It was the number 11 at the lists. July: “The Originals” was released. This album was a recompilation of the first three albums. October: the keys of Cadillac (city of USA) were delivered to KISS because they inspired in a positive way to the high school of this city. November: “Beth” got the number 7 at the american charts. ' Rock & Roll Over', sixth album got the number 11 at the lists. December: Ace electrocuted.

February: KISS are presented with the People's Choice Award for the single Bethin the Best Song category and also KISS headline Madison Square Garden in New York City for the first time. May : KISS announce their debut KISS Marvel Comic book and deposit their own blood in the comic book ink at the Marvel printing plant June KISS is voted the #1 band in America by Gallup Poll. KISS's tour of Japan breaks attendance records previously held by The Beatles. KISSteria is in full effect. August KISS's three-night stand at the Forum in Los Angeles, CA. is recorded for Alive II. Released on October 14, 1977, the multi-platinum follow-up to Alive! contains three live sides in addition to a fourth side of new studio recordings.. 1978

January: ''Shout it Out Loud'' (alive) becomes in the single of Alive II peaked the n°54. February: ''Rocket Ride'' was the second single, peaked the n°39. March: KISS sells 5 nights in the Budokan Hall, beating the record they shared with the Beatles. April: ''Double Platinum'' was released, becoming in the first compilation album of KISS. May: KISS started recording the telefilm "KISS meets the Phamtom of the Park". August: Marvel edits KISS's second album. September: four solo albums are realased and the four reached soon the platinum. ''Gene Simmons' peaked the...
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