Alittle Peice of Ground by Elizabith Laird

Topics: A Flock of Seagulls, Year of birth missing, Mother Pages: 9 (4084 words) Published: April 24, 2013
I think it is about an only family boy that loves drawing but hides it from people because they would tease his, he has sisters and a careless father about him, he gets a new neighbor that’s his age it’s a girl her family is sweet but he takes a long time to get used to them, they discover a kingdom and the girl calls it Terabithia it’s basically a magic kingdom ware whatever they think of happens, they become best friends then many things go around he even brings her a puppy as a Christmas gift, then one day the girl dies, the boy gets a sudden shock and gets really broken.
Jesse is a boy he is 10 years old, a 5thgrader, he has really long legs, and straw-colored hair, he has lots of grit, he has 3 sis a dad and a mom, lives in a farm place where there are lots of animals, he loves drawing but they tease him because back then it was a girls activity, he is a really fast runner although he never learned how to run, he has this one teacher that he loves.
Leslie is a girl, tomboyish she has jagged brown hair cut to her face, almost Jesse’s height ,10 years old, 5th grade too, she has brown feet, always wears pants but has dresses, her hobby is sports, she is fast too, she reads a lot she is only child .

Jesse and Leslie meet again at Mrs. Myers class 5th grade class, 1st day of school at lark Creek Elementary. While they were organizing the desks Mrs. Myers was mumbling about that she was an extra student. When students started passing out arithmetic books (math). It was jesses turn when he went to sit Garry Fulcher held his hand and told him “gonna run today “he said yes then Garry said “ he thinks he can beat me” .When Jesse well live in this land you and me, hand in hand. The students begin to join in at first with her mood but as it comes towards the end they also match the rhythm. Leslie turned and smiled at Jesse then he smiled back. Here he felt that it was the beginning of new season. In the bus Leslie sits beside Jesse and they start talking about her old school. He finds out the reason she is good at sports is because they had a gym in her old school. He even discovers that they moved for her parents and not for her. They moved because they noticed they have been surrounded by lots of money and success, so they bought the old Perkins place and decided to farm it. Leslie was...
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