Alike or Different

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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“People are more alike than different.” A very famous saying that has spread around, but what does it actually mean, and does everyone agree with it?

Some people think that they have more similarities than differences when being compared to others, while others say that everyone is different, with rarely any similarities. It depends on the person’s opinion, and in my opinion people are more alike than different, but this can’t be used as a way of judging people that might have those little differences. * Many people think that they have more similarities than differences with others, like the fact that that we’re all human beings, and that we all have a dream that we want to fulfil, and the fact that we all have a life with good sides and bad sides, no matter how different people’s lives can be. And if we go on thinking about those similarities it’ll take forever, a never-ending list, and if we go on naming them that’ll take even longer. It’s as if we are made beads of the same material, maybe different colours, but all the same, all on one string. We can try and change ourselves, by changing our appearance, putting on makeup, wearing different clothes, jewellery, etc. But it’s not just a case of appearance, but it also involves the person underneath that mask everyone tries to hide behind. Nobody has ever tried to look at the person underneath before judging them. It’s just ego that stands in the way. What will the result be when people are stripped of all their accessories, when that mask is removed? What we get is a rollercoaster of emotions. Things that people can never guess are hidden underneath. And that’s yet another similarity, which makes mistaken judgment also put into account. Feelings are also something to look at. For example, people do get happy, angry and sad in different situations, but everyone still gets those emotions at times, regardless of reason. And everyone goes through the same life cycle, how they’re born,...
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