Aligning Business and Information

Topics: Vilfredo Pareto, Organizational structure, Organization Pages: 20 (6622 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Aligning Business and Information Project

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Created by | L. Roehrich | J.J. van Walchren | L. Rezzoud | D. Oude Ophuis | T. de Groot Date | 04 October 2011
Written for | Mr. de Jongh | Mr. Tijdeman
Place | The Hague
Table of content
Executive Summary4
1. Introduction5
1.1Goal and purpose of the report5
1.3Description of the company5
1.4Structure of the report6
2Current Situation7
2.1Business Stragegy7
2.2Business Structure7
2.3Information and Communication8
2.4Information Technology9
3SWOT analysis10
4Desired Situation13
4.1Business Strategy13
5.1Business Strategy14
6Pareto Principle15
7Why Why Why Why Why16
8.1Business Strategy17

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following persons for their support and assistance during this phase 2 assignment: Mr de Jongh- Head of the Aligning Business and Information course Mr Tijdeman- lecturer Aligning Business and Information

Mr San Giorgi-

Executive Summary

1. Introduction
The Stork and Chestnut Hotel and Conference Center in Sandwich in the UK have fired the entire middle management level. As part of the course Aligning Business and Information at Hotelschool The Hague our team was asked to fill the positions and to help the Stork and Chestnut to get back to being successful and profitable. In order to achieve this we will advise the company on how to restructure the business with regard to Organizational Structure, Strategy, and IT structure. In other words we will improve the flow of information ,and work through the organization to achieve a better experience for guests and to increase profit for the company. In order to succeed we must take all stakeholders and their demands into consideration. The stakeholders are: the owner, the guests, and the employees of the Stork and Chestnut. We will make sure that the Stork and Chestnut is able to perform successfully in its competitive environment and is aware of the opportunities and threats this environment offers. In this report we will first analyze the current situation of the hotel. We will focus on the internal processes, the employees, IT structure and the opportunities and threats in the external environment. Then the desired situation with the some points will be described to then be able to analyze the gap and be able to draw the conclusion and advice the hotel on how to proceed and what actions to take to stay in business.

1.1 Goal and purpose of the report
The goal of the report is to redesign the strategy and structure of the Stork & Chesnutt hotel. S&C must regain profitability and become a healthy company again. We as the middle management will complete the following tasks: * To align the business processes, organizational structure and information provision * To bring the business back to normal within six months. * To develop outlines of the strategy

* To design a new structure
1.2 Assignment
Aligning Business and Information is a course within phase 2 of Hotelschool the Hague. The course is supported by Mr de Jongh, in Information and Communication Management, Mr Allegro and Mr Tijdeman. Our goal is to convince the board of directors of the Shork & Chesnut hotel to invest in our plans. We will approach the areas of information management, communication, IT structure and the organization. 1.3 Description of the company

The Stork and Chestnut Hotel is situated near Sandwich, East Kent in the UK and is quite adjacent to the "Great Gallop" horse racing-course, world famous golf courses such as the Royal St. George's, The Prince's and Walmer & Kingsdown, and the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club "Grand Slam". The S&C was in 1762 a famous Inn and was founded in the old white...
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