Aliens in This Immensity

Topics: Area 51, UFO conspiracy theory, Unidentified flying object Pages: 6 (1633 words) Published: September 20, 2012
-Our sun is one of a hundred billion stars in our galaxy. Our galaxy is one of bilions of galaxies populating the universe. It would be the height of presumption to think that we are the only living thing in that enormous immensity. Werner von Braun quoted these amazing words in the San Diego Union-Tribune in 2005. Foreign; owing allegiance to another country; Strange or Unfamiliar; inconsistant or contrary. A person who is not a citizen of the county in which they subside. That is the definition of alien in Webster's Dictionary. We all know aliens exist. As the United States of America, we see all kinds of different looking people everyday; whether they come from Mexico,China, England, or one of the many other countries on this planet we call home. Those are not the kind of aliens I want to make you believe in though, not the aliens from different countries, but the one's from a different world. I strongly believe that the exterestrail life that we havemade movies, books, and jokes about for years truely does exist and I believe they have visited our planet Earth.

- I had watched something on the History Channel once about the Ancient Atronaunt Theory. I was searching for information on that when I stumbled across A UFO conspiracy by William Cooper. On I found that William Cooper was raised in a military family. When he left home he went straight into the airforce and he later on joined the navy. Now for those of you who haven't heard of Milton William Cooper, let me enlighten you. This guy had the anger of a bull, ranging inside of him. He served for his country, , until he realized how truly warped our government is. --While supposedly working for Naval Intelligence, he claimed to have seen classified documents regarding the JFK assassination, UFOs, and the New World Order.

The two alien documents he has in possession were called Project Grudge, and Operation Majority. Project Grudge contained information on alien involvement since around 1936, and went on saying how Germany had recovered a crashed disk in 1936 and were attempting to duplicate the technology. They clearly were not sucessful or we would not have won the war, because you cannot beat those weapons. You cannot outfly those crafts.

Cooper was known as a UFO conspiracist, tax resister, and self-styled "military man", He left a mixed legacy though. Some found 'his demeanor and attitude "unfriendly" at best.' while others called him America’s greatest patriot. Cooper is Best known as the author of Behold a Pale Horse he wrote in (1991), this book is about his claims of an extraterrestrial invasion and government cover-up. Now I am sure all of you who didn't know about this Cooper guy want to hear about this JFK accusation. JFK's murderer isn't unknown and eventually it will be coming out. But Cooper supposablyy found a document stating that John F Kennedy's driver shot him at point blank. There are a whole lot of theories around his murder. You all are probably thinking what does JFK have to do with aliens. well think about it.. if the single bullet theory is the correct theory and Kennedys driver really did murder him, then you better believe that the crazy William cooper knows what he is tlaking about and you better believe the alien and UFO activity is just as true.

In "Behold a Pale Horse"..I read that While Cooper was in Vietman, he discovered that there was a tremendous amount of UFO and alien activity in North Vietnam. It was always reported in official messages as `enemy helicopters.' Now any of you who know anything about the Vietnam war know that the North Vietnamese did not have any helicopters, U.S. troops and enemy troops were fired on occasionally by there enemy helicopters, and randomly people would disappear. On one instance, an entire village disappeared one night due to what they think was alien activity. Now how do you explain a whole village of people disappearing over night and absolutely none of...
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