Alice Walker the Flowers

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  • Published : October 26, 2011
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Christian Krog 2.W 2011
The Flowers
By Alice Walker

As we enter the universe of Alice walker, we meet Myop, a little (black) girl only ten years old. She is the main character, and actually the only living person, we meet in the story. We are at the country, in Myop's own little world, the settings are warm, living and described as pleasant summer time. There is harvesting going on, and a small stream is running in the landscape. In my head pictures is taking shape, and I am completely drawn into the universe, and happiness of Myop.Myop is on her way to her own little adventure. A small walk, picking flowers, a thing she often do, but this time its a little different. On her way to adventure, she is noticing and picking ferns, flowers and leaves, the first we hear about is silver ferns near her house. Silver is the color of security and calmness, saying that at home she is secure, safe and calm. Then she finds some blue flowers and brown fragrant buds. Blue is peace and harmony, and brown is earth and stability. Again its happy colors, and a safe place for her to be. At twelve o'clock she is far from home, and her arms are filled with flowers. The mood is changing from a happy summer theme, to a more strange unpleasant almost gloomy atmosphere. She is beginning to walk home, when the story takes a dramatic turn, she steps in something. A head of a hanged man! At first she doesn't notice, but when she bows down to get free, she discovers its a head she has stepped in. She is a little scared, but apparently more curious than frightened. The dead man is big, its a long time since he was killed, and killed he was. She sees that he had been beaten up, and he is almost rotted completely away. His head is separated from his body, meaning he had been hanging there for so long, all that keeps the head attached to the body is gone. On the ground next to him, is the remains of the noose, used to hang him. Myop finds a beautiful pink rose in the spot the noose...
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