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Alice Walker is known world-wide for her literary protrayals of the African American Woman's life. She was born

in 1944 on February 9 in Eatonton, GA to Willie Lee Walker and Minnie Lou Tallulah Grant. Walker was one of 8 children

and her parents worked as sharecroppers and maids making their money situation very tight. When Walker was little she lived

in the time of Jim Crow Laws which were laws mandated by The United States at both the state and local levels. These laws

included the segregation of whites and blacks in public places, public schools, public transportation and many other

places. Alice Walker's mother enrolled her into the first grade when she was only four years old. At the age of 8 she started

writing very secretly and privately because she felt as though she needed to hide it from her family. From there, Walker

went onto high school and continued onto college where she attended Spelman College in Atlanta on a full scholarship in

1961. Walker would later transferr to Sarah Lawrence College near New York City, where she graduated in 1965. Alice Walker

graduated college at the time when the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing making her very interested in everything going on.

A large part of her interest came from one of her college professors who was a big activist during the movement.

Walker is known not only for all of her literary works but also for being a strong willed activist. In 1960 when she attented

Spellman College, she met Martin Luther King and credits him for her returning to the south as a civil rights activist. During this time she was

able to register black voters in Georgia and Mississippi. From there on she has been invloved in many activist organizations during her lifetime.

Walker is associated with the organizations Code Pink and Women for Peace which are organizations that are women-initiated and work to end U.S.

funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism globally, and to redirect our resources into health care,education, green jobs

and other life-affirming activities.In 2003, on the night before the War in Iraq was declared, she was aressted with 26 others outside the white

house for crossing a police line during an anti-war protest rally. In January 2009, she was one of more than 50 signers of a letter protesting the Toronto

Film Festival's "City to City" spotlight on Israeli filmmakers, denouncing Israel as an "apartheid regime." In March 2009, Alice Walker traveled to Gaza

along with 60 other female activists from Code Pink to give aid to those in need, to meet with NGOs and residents, and to persuade Israel and Egypt

to open their borders into Gaza. On Jun 23, 2011, she announced plans to participate in an upcoming aid flotilla to Gaza which is attempting to break

Israel's naval blockade. The reason behind all of her interest in Gaza, she claims, is for the children. Alice Walker wants nothing more than to reach out to

those being oppressed or hurt saying that she feels that elders should she felt that "elders" should bring "whatever understanding and wisdom we might have

gained in our fairly long lifetimes, witnessing and being a part of struggles against oppression".

In 1967, Walker married a Jewish civil rights lawyer named Melvyn Roseman Leventhal who she met in 1965. They moved to Jackson, Mississippi where they were

known as the first legal inter-racial couple in Mississppi. Together, they had a daughter who they named Rebecca. Unfortunetly in 1976, Walker and Leventhal divorced.

The relationship that Alice Walker and Melvyn Leventhal had paralled to the relationship between Alice and her daughter. Rebecca and Walker became distant and eventually

fell out of touch.

Alice Walker's writings are recognized mostly by their themes and symbolism of the life of African American oppression. Most of themes she encorporates in her

writings include sexism, rascism,...
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