Alice and Wonderland

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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At the begenning of the story do we find Alice asleep or is she still perplesed and unsure if this great adventure is a real one. Everything is questionable to her on the amazing journey. It is written that she is the one that will slay the dragon so all of the creatures await her arrival. They are not yet sure if she is the Alice they are looking for or if she the wrong one. Like alice some of us are called to take this journey into the unconcious. she is confronted by plenty of danger but she ultimatelly finds the alice and opprotunities for the development of the personality abound. In the beginning of the story Alice still thinks that it is her ego that directs her safe path through likfe. In the story she is befriended by a dog, often presented in dreams in instinct. The dog warns her and says,"if you diverge from the path...," which Alice replies, " Imake the path." At this point in the story Alice is clearly at a place of naivete concerning the operations of the unconscious. she speaks as if it is in her best interest if her ego charts the cours through life. the dog warns her about this and seems to encourage her to follow. in other words she has a better chance of surviving ther perils of wonderland if she follow the path of her instincts as represented here by the dog. The Walt Disney remake redoes the story with Alice was about to be wed to a man that she does not love. Alice was expected by others to marry this man regarless of how she felt and was a fool if she did otherwise. she is clearly fighting the notions in her mind about spending the rest of her life with the man she does not love. she sees a white rabbit in the corner of her eye and insist that she has to follow it. Hence the discovery of the rabbit whole and her fallind down to wonderland. If it wasnt for her falling Alice may have not went into the rabbit whole. this is mainly the case with people who who are called unto the journey of the unconcious. its as if...
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