Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

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  • Published : April 3, 2012
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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The children novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is written by Lewis Carroll, whom was a lecturer in mathematics at Christ Church in Oxford. Lewis Carroll was a stammer, and in company with adults in his own age, younger or older, he did very poorly. Nevertheless he did really well among children, which was how he got to write children’s books. Lewis Carroll was inspired to write Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by one of his children friends, named Alice. In the novel, Alice is a curious and innocent little girl, whom we meet on her travel from childhood to adulthood, where she bumps into puberty. The environment in Lewis Carroll’s novel is a vital importance for Alice, her reactions and thoughts. Alice is very thoughtful and throughout the novel, the reader discovers, just like Alice, that there cannot be found an easy answer for everything. The Mad hatter is one of the people who challenge Alice with a puzzle she racks her brain about. Though Alice is a dreamer and a strong believer in not giving up, which is shown by her courage in every situation she encounters in Wonderland, she does have a hard time finding meaning with the animals and creatures, such as the baby pig she is thrown by the Duchess, and this frustrates her. She is a logic thinker, just like Lewis Carroll, despite her fantasy of course, since it’s her reality mixed with her fantasy and her unconscious that is creating the dream. Alice try to explain why the Duchess treats its baby with such cruel, but she just cannot see the fairness in the Duchess behavior, that is until she discovers the baby is a pig, and makes out the reason that some of her friends just as well could be changed into pigs. At this point she realizes that Wonderland is so far from her own world that she needs to change her view on what normal is this symbolizes her journey through puberty. In Wonderland she is never the “right” size, either she’s too big or too small, either way...
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