Alha Udal

Topics: Shiva, Indra, Vishnu sahasranama Pages: 9 (3765 words) Published: October 5, 2013

Alha-Udal(from Bhavishya Purana-Part-2)
Sootjee said:-“In vaksara village there lived an abhiri girl named Vratapa. She was fond of doing nava durga vrata in every starting year. She worshipped Chandika Mata for a boon that she asked for herself .She said:-“Please devi please with my worship and give me a beautiful boon of great child like Valarama and Krishna. Only this I ask from you hey mata swetaishwari”.There lived Vasumaan named king.He saw the abhiri girl and got pleased with her beautifulness. He married her . He begat with her and produce two sons namely Deshraj and Vatsraj . Vatsraj was powerfull and so was Deshraj. Vatsraj’s power was equal to 100 elephants. They won Magadhdesam and they ruled there. There was a Mlechchha king named Satayatta and ruled in Vanaras. His son was strong like bhimasena and always follows his father’s words . He was tall like Taalvriksha(Paam Tree). Therefore his name is Talana.Under his command there is 100s of soldier. By wish Talana came to King Jaichandra for friendship.There came king Jaichandra to Talana but only brought three soldiers with him to test Talana. 2

Soot jee said:-“In Indraprastha there ruled king Anangapala. To have his own sons he started doing yagya to satisfy lord Shiva. Then lord Siva got pleased with him and king Anangapala got two daughters namely Chandrakanti and Keertimalini. Granddaughter Chandrakanti got married with king Devpala of Kanyakubja and smaller daughter Keertimalini got married with Ajmer king Someshwara.Jai Sharma is Anangapala’s brother who went to Himalayas to do tapasya by this juncture Anangapala gained concentration to rule his empire. Chandrakanti had two sons Jaichandra and Ratnabhanu. Jaichandra was handsome good warrior and with his brother Ratnabhanu won many battles and defeated many kings. Jaichandra ruled east side of Kanyakubja and Ratnabhanu ruled northside of kanyakubja.Jaichandra saw in gauda, banga and other states of maru, sins got expanded. There jaichandra went and punished those sinners of their weightage of sins. Agnivamsa’s lineage was king Gangasimha whose sister is Biramati . Ratnabhanu got married with her and as prediction of Shiva they got a beautiful child named Lakshman. He was strong enough and was well known for Khhanda yuddha(Strife war).After seven years Ratnabhanu went to swarga and got pitriloka. Kirtimalini got three sons elder was Dhundukar, middle was Krishna Kumar and small was Prithviraj(Mahiraj and also called some times Bhu raj or Bhupati and Mahipati (not the Mahipati of Mahismati )in the purana). Twelve years they pass their childhood days. When their childhood days were over , Anangapala gave his kingdom and went to Himalaya for tapasya. Dhundukara got Mathura kingdom and Krishnakumara got Ajmer kingdom. All kings obey their parents and always think about their state’s peoples. There were two Kshatriyas who were Chandravamsins namely Pradyota and Vidyota. Pradyota’s son was Parimala and under him was 1 lakh soldiers. Vidyota’s son was Bhishma Simha and he was the senani(captain) of elephantry.When Anangapala died Prithviraj got the kingdom of Indraprastha. He loved his kingdom very much. One day Devi Shakti appeared before him said:-“Donot conquer the abhiras and extent your kingdom beyond that which may create a big problem in your life and your control for kingdom”. Then Devi disappeared. Jaichandra received two great chandravamsin in his army. By them he made aksahini army. Pradyot, Vidyot and Parimala were mantris of Jaichaichandra and Bhishmashimha got chief of elephantry of King Jaichandra of Kanyakubja. There was a circular shaped kingdom named Mahoba.That kingdom’s king was Mahipati.King Mahipati has two sisters Agama and Malana. He was very upset that till now his sisters were unmarried.He went with marriage welcome to different kingdoms. At last he gave Agama to Prithviraja and Malana to king Parimala. He became happy . After the end of ceremony...
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