Algeria Imperialism Essay

Topics: Algeria, Colonialism, Africa Pages: 3 (719 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Hidalgo, Nate

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Algeria Imperialism Essay

The number one source of income for Algerians was the imports and exports through trading harbors on the coast of their country. The French have began too created and enforce French Assimilation onto Algeria and it’s people. Algeria is on the Northern Coast of Africa with all its major cities and capital along the coast. The city most pursued was the capital, Algiers. This was sought after the most because it was the central port harbor for most exports and imports. This country has, since it’s beginning, been an average underdeveloped African country; with tribes of native languages and all separate cultures. Imperialism is the overthrowing or taking of one country by another; this is demonstrated during the early 1900’s. In the country of Algeria, French imperialism had a negative impact short term and a positive impact long term on its culture.

During the first few years of the French Assimilation the economy was hit with a short-term negative impact. French imperialists took over and removed leaders sending the country into a depression and many cold wars. After the depression, the country became more attractive to the French but the colonists fled soon after. With this Ben Bella, an Algerian patriot, later restored the countries economy. Through Ben Bella’s writings and organizations schools and mosques he was able to resurrect the economy; his motto was “Islam is my religion, Arabic is my language, and Algeria is my fatherland.” Men like Bella and with the same beliefs were able to form The Ulama, which was a group of Islamic scholars and guardians of the faith, these men demanded religious freedom in Algeria. The association contrasted and funded free schools and mosques throughout the country.

France failed to colonize Algeria because the Algerians were loyal to themselves and their country, not the French. Some may argue that with the incoming of...
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