Alfred Lord Tennyson Bio

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Alfred Lord Tennyson
A Concise Biography
Lincoln Marshall

A Lifetime to Remember
Alfred Lord Tennyson was a precautious man for a good part of his life. He was always scared of being judged for his writing. This made no difference to Tennyson; he overcame this fear and published many wonderful pieces. Tennyson is still a popular author who has many prestigious awards to claim to his name. Tennyson had many obstacles to ascend over in his lifetime. Many of the men in his family were diagnosed with epilepsy and he was horrified at the thought of acquiring this; which at the time was thought a shameful disease (Everett A5). His father couldn’t handle this mental disease and drank to ease the pain. Tennyson also suffered from shortsightedness; apparently it was so bad that he couldn’t see anything with a monocle. These ailments did not stop him though. He persevered until he reached his goals.

After being raised in a broken home he was looking for a way out. “Tennyson was born in the rural town of Somersby in Lincolnshire, the fourth of twelve children. He was a sensitive boy who was charmed by the magical words ‘far, far away’ (Prentice Hall 959).” Tennyson then went to college to study poetry and just escape his miserable life at the time.

Tennyson took an interest in poetry; he started following the writing style of Lord Bryon, a romantic poet. He attended college at Trinity College, in Cambridge, a good school with many extracurricular activities. Tennyson, being timid and aloof, did not make many friends while he was there. He found the literary club, The Apostles, where he met Arthur Hallam, who became a life-long family friend (The Literature Network B5). Tennyson shined at writing poetry but he also wrote lots of novels. Before completing his degree, Tennyson had to return home because his father succumbed to death.

This was troubling, but Tennyson was able to get through this as well. Although he was adamant about not having it published,...
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