Alfred Huxley's Ability to Predict Society through Brave New World

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  • Published : December 4, 2006
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When Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World he envisioned many aspects of society that would change in the next six hundred years. Although in his time some of the new trends that he mentioned might have seemed absurd and morally wrong, I do not believe he was far from the truth. In my opinion, certain aspects in society such as human sexuality and entertainment have changed towards Huxley's perspective.

First, I think that Huxley was right on the money when he envisioned the entertainment that people in our generation would be participating in. Although most of society does not go to the sexually orientated "feelies," which are often watched in Brave New World, the sexual innuendos are defiantly there. It has no longer become uncommon to see a woman's breasts in a movie, as well as other parts of her anatomy. Also, most of the entertainment that we take part in is as mindless as that seen in Brave New World.

The second aspect of society that I think Huxley was able to predict correctly was the looseness of human sexuality. Although he might have stretched it by having people with multiple partners almost every day, he was not too far off the beaten path. I think, in today's generation, people have become much more open about their sexuality than in the past. This can be seen with the rising number of teen pregnancies, as well as the number people that have premarital sex.

Drugs were another topic that Huxley touched upon, and he did a very good job of predicting the fact that drugs would be more widespread in this generation. There are so many drugs out there today that people can just go to the store and get them, as if they were candy. Disregard drugs like "soma" which are just for depression; there are now drugs out there for almost anything (depression, allergies, and even to enhance certain areas of the male anatomy).

Lastly, he was able to almost exactly predict how consumerism would take over society as a whole. I think that there has been no...
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