Alfred Chandler

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  • Published: April 1, 2013
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History In the Future

Alfred Chandler’s contribution to the field of management in general, and to the discipline of business history in particular, is profound and lasting. Widely considered to have been the world’s leading historian of the industrial corporation. The purposes of chandler’s studies are not to theorize but to provide an explanation regarding the evolution of business; theories are developed by others using information pertaining to his research. However, his monumental works, such as “Pierre S. Du Pont and the making of the Modern Corporation”, Strategy and Structure, The Visible Hand, and Strategy and Scope have not only set standards for business and economic history but have also provided insight into theories from various economist. His studies discern into the success of companies during the managerial revolution and how business evolved into the 21st century. Born on the 15th of September 1918, Alfred Du Pont Chandler, Jr., was son of Alfred Du Pont and Carol Remsay Chandler. As his names suggests the relation to the Du Pont empire, presents the families prominence in the American economy. It is important to realize Chandler’s family liaison with the du Ponts, a family who successfully founded the gunpowder industry. In 1915 Pierre S. du Pont took over the family firm and transformed it into one of the largest gunpowder manufacturer and later he took control of General Motors. His work at GM has persuaded others to consider him on the best leaders during the big-business era. Chandler did his undergraduate degree at Harvard followed by a graduate study in History. While doing his graduate degree he crosses disciplines with sociology where his professor Talcott Parsons proved to have influenced Chandlers views. This decision proved to be exceptionally instrumental toward the corpus of Chandler’s studies, which embody many sociological principles. Chandler’s PhD thesis was focused on his great-grandfather Henry Varnum...
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