Alfieri’s True Power Comes from His Role as Prophet and Narrator, Not from His Profession as a Lawyer. Discuss

Topics: Law, Tragedy, Poetics Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Arthur Miller uses the role of Alfieri in his play ‘A View from the Bridge’, as a character who represents the law, but more importantly as a prophet and narrator. Alfieri’s role as a lawyer connects to the events leading to the destruction of Eddie Carbone, We also trust a lawyer to be a good judge of character and rational, because he is professionally detached. Although his profession is an important addition to his character, his role as prophet and narrator trumps his profession. Miller uses Alfieri as a chorus, much similar to those of a greek tragedy, and Alfieri links the inevitable tragedy to those of the Greek tragedy’s. Alfieri does a lot of talking about the contrasting Italian and American ideas of justice. Through Alfieri narration at the start of the play he introduces himself as a lawyer. As the audience are now aware of Alfieri role as a lawyer we are able to trust his judgment on the characters because as a result of his profession he is taught to be emotionally detached from his client. However his connection with Eddie makes it more harder because he as a more closer relationship with Eddie because of Eddie's father, 'I had represented his father in an accident case some years before, and I was acquainted with the family in a casual way'. As well as in the next appearance Alfieri tells us how he is so troubled, that he seek advice from a 'wise old woman', who tells him to pray for Eddie. Furthermore, he also tells the audience how the Italian community react to his presence because he is a representative of the law, 'to meet a lawyer or a priest on the street is unlucky'. From this quote we could interpret that, as most of the audience are already aware, that a visit to a lawyer means you're in great trouble. It becomes obvious that many of the Italians try their best to not involve themselves with representatives of the law because they are illegal immigrants. Miller’s play depicts the ideas of a classical Greek tragedy. In the ancient...
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