Alexis M.O.B. I.A.

Topics: Balance sheet, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Finance Pages: 10 (2727 words) Published: November 30, 2012

An investigation into the Accounting and Financing of Courts Jamaica Limited. [pic]
Name: Alex Ellis
School: Oberlin High
Territory: Jamaica
Registration #: 100086
Teacher: Ms Coleman
Centre #: 100086
Date: April 2011

Introduction and Objectives5
Methodology Employed6
Report7 - 12
Conclusions and Recommendations13
Appendices15 - 20

This project is the fruit of concerted efforts. A project of this magnitude was effectively compiled with the assistance and contribution of a number of individuals; gratitude must be extended to such persons. The researcher would like to thank God almighty for giving him the health and strength he need to complete this Management of Business Internal Assessment, so as to meet the requirements of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination syllabus. The researcher would like to give credit to his teacher Miss Coleman for the role she played in outlining the task I am expected to perform. I would like to express my warmest thanks to my friends at school who contributed significantly to my project.

Finally, I would like to say thanks to the staff at the school’s computer labs that went beyond the call of duty to ensure that the necessary resources were available and the attention was forth coming so that my project was completed efficiently. [pic]

The aim of this research is to concentrate on the systematization of Courts Jamaica Limited. The focus is on the Business Accounting and Finances- Module 3. The objectives of the business are to provide affordable furniture and appliances to the Jamaican people, create values for their stockholders by providing quality goods and services, make huge amounts of profit and sell large amounts of shares. This research was done in the context grasping the business aspects of the business environment, including theoretical knowledge of these aspects from a practical standpoint of owning business. Also, this research gives me a chance to start my examinations with twenty percent (20%) of the available marks.


This project is designed to thoroughly research a legal form of business. The project involved the relevant information that will give students the general understanding of how such a firm operates. The contents of the research seeks to give a comprehensive round up of all the areas of the business, however, specific attention was focused in three broad areas in the operation field. This project covers the areas that are included in the unit one Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) syllabus for Management of Business. This project will look specifically on Module three of the syllabus which deals with the company Accounting and Financing. The areas which will be covered are: ✓ The business source of finance

✓ Criteria for seeking finance
✓ Use of accounting information
✓ Accounting procedures and measures
✓ Financial statement and analysis
✓ Major concepts
This project also contains a chapter that looks at the business published accounts. The information placed in this section was those obtain from the secondary source of data collection [pic]

In order to accurately obtain the relevant information needed to complete this project both primary and secondary methods of data collection were used. The primary mean of collecting data involved the use of questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of twenty questions, of open and closed ended questions. The questionnaire was very simple to use and answered all the questions the researcher needed to effectively compile his project, hence, the method effective and widespread. A total of three questionnaires were issued using a random sampling approach.

Secondary means of...
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