Alexis de Tocqueville Essay

Topics: Tyranny of the majority, Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy Pages: 7 (2592 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Ralph Simon

Without philosophers and brilliant minds, countries wouldn't be as productive or successful as they are today. It's people like Alexis de Tocqueville who were men of many special talents who have shaped countries to where they are today. His research and dedication alone are the foundations that we still use today. Tocqueville’s numerous works on religion, politics, crime and punishment, democracy and parties, and tyranny have helped cultivate the United States and are considered to be master pieces to the human race. This great philosopher dedicated his life and work to educate others and spread his knowledge and wisdom. Tocqueville has become one of the greatest minds who has ever lived based on his understanding on democracy and his philosophies. His greatest piece of work was his book, Democracy in America which is considered to be the best known writing about the United States in todays world which he wrote over two hundred years ago. In this paper it will go into details and explain why Alexis de Tocqueville was such a prolific writer and how Democracy in America really was a foundation stone for America and other countries with its issues on tyranny and majority, American parties, and origin of Americans (Cosentino, 1989).

Alexis Charles Henri Clerel de Tocqueville was born on July 29, 1805, and made his career studying America and its democratic philosophies. Tocqueville was a French nobles man who wrote the foundation for democracy while he studied America’s principles. Tocqueville was a small, short, frail man who was fearless but his mind was as superior than anyone his time. He came from an aristocratic family who supported him throughout college by getting him private tutors and the best education that they could buy. Today he is considered to one of the greatest minds who have ever lived. His theories and books are still being used today and are more relevant as time goes on. Much of his knowledge came from where he went to school in Paris. He attended the Lycee Fabert school where he focused mainly on law. His family was very religious and had a strong set of morals which they passed down to their beloved youngest son. When he was younger he really was not too sure of what he wanted to do. Alexis was a man of many talents but most of his understanding on the philosophies that he knew and preached were because of his father. His father was an important official in the Bourbon regime where many of his close friends were accused of being legitimists, partisans of royalty. Even though Alexis did not agree with this government he changed his mind and decided to accompany it in the end. However while in office he realized that this not what he wanted to do and therefore wanted to know about other great republics and he then started his journey off to North America. Tocqueville spent a total of nine months over in America seeking the famous democratic system that they had. He took nine months of his time visiting main cities, such as, Boston, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Memphis, New Orleans, Washington to get a better understanding on the American culture (Samuelson, 2000). and understanding how America works. Tocqueville spent so much time here that he ended up not wanting to leave. He fell so in love with America’s ways and beliefs, that it was his goal to bring back these ideals to his struggling home country. ( Lukacs, 2012). In order to pass these thoughts along in an effective way, Tocqueville wrote what is to be one of the most well known doctrines on American policies, Democracy in America.

Alexis de Tocqueville’s book Democracy in America became one of the most influential books in political history. Tocqueville wrote this book to explain to a troubled France why America’s form of democracy is the best possible solution for a government. After he experienced America’s politics first hand he felt that he contained the solution to a lasting and stable government. This book, however, ended...
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