Alexandra and Marie Comparison

Topics: American television actors, Difference Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Hunter Hooks
Period 1
14 October 2012
In the novel O Pioneers! By Willa Cather, Alexandra Bergson and Marie Shabata have very different lives. Alexandra is a hard working woman of the land, and is more masculine than most women. She has to serve as a caretaker for many plots of land, as her father died when she was young, and put her in charge. Marie is a childish woman, who really only has to care somewhat for her husband, Frank, and an orchard and garden. She is more feminine, as she doesn’t need as much care in the world as Alexandra. While Marie and Alexandra are both very different, Alexandra being more masculine and more serious or oblivious to love, and Marie being more feminine, and striving for love, they both have slight similarities.

In the beginning, Alexandra and Marie differ greatly, but mostly just in looks and actions. Alexandra is very serious about life, it seems, and it appears she does not want people to notice her, as a clothing drummer compliments her hair, and, “She stabbed him with a glance of Amazonian fierceness.”(6) She definitely has a problem with being acknowledged by people, whether it is because she is serious, or just does not want to attract attention. A better look at Alexandra’s actions reveals that, “she walked rapidly and resolutely, as if she knew exactly where she was going and what she was going to do next.”(4) This shows that she is very confident about what she is doing, and that she is most likely straight to the point. Marie in the beginning of the story is very playful. Her uncle’s friends all give her some candy and she says, “I want to give some of my candy to that nice little boy I found.”(8). Here you can see that Marie is very playful, and is very quick to make new friends. She has met Emil and he will turn out to be her downfall. Marie’s appearance also plays a part in her ability to attract attention, especially her eyes, “the brown iris had glints that made them look like gold-stone, or, in...
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