Alexander the Great: the Man, the Life, the Legacy

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Alexander the Great: The Man, the Life, the Legacy

History is full of remarkable characters. Whether they were noble or unrepentant in their actions those were what made them immortal through our recorded history. One such character is Alexander the Great. Some have accused him as a drunken killer who wanted only to have the world under his rule. Others deem him as a kind-hearted man who wanted to better the world by spreading the culture of his people. The decision of what is in the right and what is feigning depends foremost on the sources and information being analysed. After much researching, Alexander the Great’s personality has been evaluated and the extent to which his actions shaped and changed the society in which they lived were studied. He had effects on both the immediate and long term, alongside his social, political and military impacts. Since there are contradictory accounts of Alexander the Great, it is important to try and keep an unbiased mind. However after much anaylsis, it has been concluded that Alexander had many aattributes that were considered “great”. His actions are still deemed upon today, and his legacy remembered. If there was a historians that deserves to be called great, it is Alexander.

First, his leadership; he was an outstanding leader in his own right. His leadership skills on the battlefield and through politics were exceptional. For those reasons he was able to accomplish what he wished and aimed for. One reason for Alexander’s various and numerous victories in the field was his supreme intelligence as a tactician. Some of the tactics he implemented have never before been achieved or even attempted before. Thus was one of Alexander’s masteries. From the beginning of Alexander’s campaign he started to change the world. His legacy began as soon as his army crossed the Hellespont, bringing a whole new culture to share with the people he conquered. Alexander brought with him the Greek culture, art, and language and...
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