Alexander the Great: Strenghts and Weaknesses as a Person, Statesman and Leader

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  • Published : April 24, 2007
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For centuries, Alexander the Great has held an eminent place in history. Arguably one of the greatest men the world has ever known, the Macedonian King accomplished many great feats in his short, but glorious life. During his reign, Alexander played several roles in the process of conquering the Persian empire, and in the assessment of his character, aspects of Alexander's capabilities of both strengths and weaknesses must be explored in him as a person, a statesman and a leader.

Alexander was a complex, inscrutable man of passion and iron-will . The King possessed a keen intellect, with an ability to make quick decisions. He had supreme courage and excellent leadership skills , which contributed significantly to his greatness as a conqueror. As a man, he had a passionate and impetuous nature, and caring not for the pleasures of luxury, Alexander instead pursued a ceaseless desire for glory and power that undeniably insatiably drove him forwards on his campaign. Alexander's incredible physical endurance and his unhesitating willingness to share in the toils of war earned him the respect and admiration of his soldiers.

Alexander was said to have been a exemplary example of Aristotles' model of the ‘great-souled man'. He was exceedingly generous, and held a deep compassion and affection for his friends. As a consequence his subjects were immensely loyal and faithfully followed him without question to the limits of the known world and beyond. He furthermore displayed this compassion for women and children, as he demonstrated in his courteous treatment of Darius' harem. The King possessed great charm and magnetism which worked favorably to his image as a leader and a ruler. Nevertheless, there were major weaknesses within Alexander that emerged in the later stages of his campaign when the hardships and strain of the years of warfare intensified. Alexander's complete absorption with his good name lead to an inability to accept criticism. If anyone spoke...
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