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Αλεξανδροσ Πηιλιππου Μακεδονον, Alexander the Invincible, later renamed by the Romans,

Alexandros Philippou Makedonon,

Alexander III the Great of Macedon (356-323 B.C.) PROJECT by John J. Popovic Alexander accomplished greater deeds than any other ruler before or after him.

This project is dedicated to the most charismatic and heroic king of all times. Edition 9.2

Introduction Alexander's Parents Prince Regent Alexander and Philip Philip's Reign

Alexander becomes the King Alexander's European Campaigns Invasion of Persia The Battle of Granicus Asia Minor and the Battle of Issus Conquestof the Phoenicia AlexanderinEgypt Alexanderin Mesopotamia The Battle of Arbella Campaign eastward, to Central Asia Alexander's Death Hellenistic Era Epilogue


Alexandros III Philippou Makedonon (Alexander the Great,
Alexander III of Macedon) (356-323 B.C.), King of Macedonia, was born in late July 356 BC in Pella, Macedonia, he was one of the greatest military genius in history. He conquered much of what was then the civilized world, driven by his divine ambition of the world conquest and the creation of a universal world monarchy. Arrian describes Alexander: the strong, handsome commander with one eye dark as the night and one blue as the sky, always leading his army on his faithful Bucephalus. Alexander inherited from his father King Philip the best military formation of the time, the Macedonian Phalanx, armed with sarisses - the fearful five and half meter long lances. He was the first great conqueror who reached Greece, Egypt, Asia Minor, and Asia up to western India. He is famous for having created the ethnic fusion of the Macedonians and the Persians. From victory to victory, from triumph to triumph, Alexander created an empire which brought him eternal glory. He brought Greek ideas, culture and life style to the countries which he conquered, and assured expansion and domination of Hellenistic Culture which, together with Roman Civilization and Christianity, constitutes the foundation of what is now called Western Civilization.

Kingdom of Macedon (SE)

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Alexander's Origins

July 357 His parents were Olympias and Philip II and according to some legends and oracles Alexander has divine origins: Zeus and Olympias. Alexander was born at Pella in Macedonia in late July of 356 BC, on the same day on which the famous Temple of Artemis at Ephesus was destroyed by fire. His father, Philip II of Macedon, was a brilliant ruler and strategist. His mother was Olympias, princess of Epirus, daughter of King Neoptolemus. Olympias was initiated into the cults of Dionysus and Orpheus. She was often jealous, vindictive and very protective of Alexander.

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, one of the largest temples ever built by the Greeks, circa 550 B.C.

According to tradition, Olympias' ancestor was the mythical hero of the Iliad - Achilles, while his father, Philip II of Macedon, was said to descend from the Zeus' son - Hercules. The legend of Alexander of Macedon begins even before his birth. Alexander's parents, King Philip II of Macedon and Myrtali - the Princess of Epirus, later known as Olympias - were in their dreams warned about his birth. Philip and Olympias were initiated in the mysterious cults of Kabira of Samothrace, and they had believed in the messages in dreams, so that they have invited the most renowned prophet of that time Arixstandros Telmisy, to interpret their dreams. Olympias had dreamt of a loud burst of thunder and lightening that had hit her womb, while in Philip's dream, he was sealing her womb with the seal of the lion. Arixstandros determined that Olympias was pregnant, and that the child would have the character of lion. The oracle of Delphi advised Philip to worship Zeus-Ammon, more than any other god. That brought the advent of Alexander's...
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