Alexander the Great

Topics: Achilles, Textbook, Iliad Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: December 24, 2011
Zach Saliba
World History W/F B-Block
Thesis: Alexander the Great was a ruler that completely abused his power as a King, and led his life in a very arête way. Major Points
1. Unnecessary destruction of city-states.
2. Excessive torture of victims.
3. Unprepared to young and to focused on being a great warrior like Achilles so much that he slept with the Iliad at night. Evidence
1. Alexander destroyed the birthplace of Achilles and many other city-states.(Text Book) 2. He also killed innocent kids, women and elderly when they would run to their own temples. (Alexander the Great Packet) 3. Alexander decided to abuse his power ounce again by leveling the polis when Thebes refused to join his puppet league of Greek states. (Alexander the Great Packet) 4. Alexander made some very unwise and ignorant decisions like selling the survivors of the cities he destroyed into slavery. (Alexander the Great Packet) 5. Another piece of evidence that he did this was because he was so determined to be just like Achilles and kill a lot of people as well to so that he could be a great warrior. Alexander also killed and tortured the victims himself which is completely unnecessary for a king to do. (The College Textbook Packet) 6. My last piece of evidence that is why Alexander the Great led a Very arête life was that he simply became a very paranoid man Alexander killed men who were close friends and generals of him and his father. (World History Text Book) 7.

Conflicting Evidence
1. Alexander was a Great king that is known for motivating his troops and having many great fighting tactics. 2. A well educated man who never lost a single battle as king, which showed that he has truly reached his full potential and was a very hubris man.
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