Alexander the Great 25

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Alexander the Great 25

By | November 2010
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David Power
Alexander the Great
Alexander the great, the famous king of the Macedonian empire is a hugely celebrated figure in world history. Many historians proclaim Alexander as great and that say he achieved so much in his short life. He ran an empire, successfully took control of the Persian Empire and was also a great scholar. Surely this should be enough to put him in the historian hall of fame or is it? Is Alexander over celebrated or Does he really deserve to be known as Alexander the great? I believe he does, I think Alexander’s military achievements, and his leadership and his decision making all give him the right to be called Alexander the great. He has the characteristic and life story that belongs in legends.

To me looking back on Alexander‘s life it was inevitable he was going to be a great military leader. Alexander was blessed by his heritage; he was born of a father who was a militant powerhouse of Macedonia and apparently his mother was from the family of Hercules or so he said. He would have grown up watching and learning a lot from his father Phillip the emperor of Macedonia as he ruled Macedonia and swept through Greece. He was regarded pretty highly in his father’s army and often led sieges to foreign lands on behalf of the Macedonian empire. Alexander’s father had great trust in his ability and left him in control of the kingdom at the age of 16. This is where Alexander would get his first taste of control and victory but it would definitely not be his last. The first battle Alexander won showed how self observed he was and how determined he was to become a strong emperor. After he defeated Maidi insurgence he named their land Alexandropoulos. Alexander had many victories on the battle field both as a general and as an emperor. Alexander grew strong in his father’s empire he learned from Phillip and became even better than him.

Alexander was an impulse decision maker. Although he was very bright and intelligent he often...

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