Alexander Hamilton's Letter to George Washington Analysis

Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Party, James Madison

  • School: JMU
  • Course: GHIST 225
  • Professor: Hardwick
Alexander Hamilton, the author of this letter to George Washington, bolstered an impressive resume as a politician, war general, economist, congressman, lawyer, and scholar. A few of his main accolades are: an integral author of the Federalist Papers, a devoted member of the Continental Congress, a contributor to the Constitution, and the first secretary of the Treasury. He also was the main creator of the first National Bank of the United States. Alexander Hamilton was born in the British West Indies with the exact birth date unknown; he came to America as a teenager and enrolled at Princeton. He passed the tough entrance exams after one year but was not allowed to advance at his own pace, therefore, he made the controversial decision to enroll at King’s College (modern day Columbia.) During this time period, conflict was beginning to brew between the colonies and Great Britiain. In response, Hamilton started to educate and prepare himself for war. He eventually was offered a spot in George Washington’s army as lieutenant colonel and then a field commander. Forrest McDonald. "Hamilton, Alexander";; American National Biography Online Feb. 2000. Access Date: Tue Feb 11 2014 22:14:54 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) Hamilton was a Federalist; he was in favor of creating a strong federal government. America was in an unstable state during the time period that this letter was written. They were in a lot of debt due to the Revolutionary War against Britain. Optimistically, they had officially won their freedom and were in the process of building an unwavering, efficient governmental system. George Washington and Alexander Hamilton exchanged hundreds of letters due to them working together. This particular letter from Hamilton was in response to one written by George Washington on July 29, 1792, where he relayed comments made by Thomas Jefferson which addressed certain public concerns. George Washington...
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