Alexander Hamilton Summary 14

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Alexander Hamilton Summary 14

By | Jan. 2006
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Alexander Hamilton was one of the most influential founding fathers of the United States. Throughout his years of service, he had a reputation of being a hard worker, having intellectual acuteness and attaining bravery and courage. Due to his outstanding contributions and achievements in finance, principled politics and the military, his importance remains unsurpassed making it utmost impossible to compare him to any other significant American character.

Alexander Hamilton was indeed an American significant figure who contributed greatly to the United States however; his transition from his rough childhood to his dignified adulthood ultimately portrays Hamilton as a more profound significant character. Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1755 on the Caribbean island of Nevis ("Alexander Hamilton",Wagner, Christopher) . His parents were James Hilton, an unsuccessful businessman, and Rachael Fawcette Lavien ("Alexander Hamilton",Wagner, Christopher ). Alexander was of illegal birth because his mother who was divorced from her first husband John Michael Lavien on June 25, 1759 was forbidden to remarry under Danish Law("Alexander Hamilton",Wagner, Christopher ). In 1765, the family moved to St. Croix, Virgin Islands in hope of a better life. Soon after, when Alexander was nine his father abandoned his family. Rachel supported herself and her two boys by opening a store in which Alexander became a part time clerk ("Alexander Hamilton",Wagner, Christopher ). It is here that Alexander began to learn about finance on a small scale foreshadowing his future life in economics. Soon thereafter at the age of eleven, his mother died in 1768 of Yellow fever("Alexander Hamilton",Wagner, Christopher ). Alexander and his brother then went to go live with his mother's cousin, Peter Lytton who accepted guardianship for them for one year, until he become too distraught over the death of his wife and committed suicide("Alexander Hamilton"). Now Alexander and his brother,...

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