Alexander and Julius Caesar

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  • Published : November 10, 2011
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Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar
Macedonian king, Alexander the Great and Roman general, Julius Caesar, transformed themselves into personalities which are known to the world till date. Every human being is unique and cannot be a carbon copy of another. But even though they lived in different times of history, they had plenty of similarities. It is an ultimate compliment for both of them to have comparable characteristics. Alexander and Caesar were congruent with respect to the results and the consequences of their delusions of grandeur, fearless nature, and the prophecies about them but differed in their causes of possessing delusions of grandeur and in concept of fighting the wars. For Alexander and Caesar, the results and consequences of their delusions of grandeur were similar. Both leaders considered themselves invulnerable to external conspiracies. Their negligent attitude cost them a high price as both of them were not able to perceive on-going conspiracies which proved to be fatal. Alexander was extremely preoccupied with himself and had an inflated feeling of superiority. Despite the invariable warnings given, he considered himself immune to health problems. According to Plutarch’s account, alexander developed a fever which grew worse and later lead to his death (1). It was also believed that he was poisoned. This shows that he was not able to perceive that some conspiracies had been going on against him and eventually died. Same was the case with Caesar. According to Plutarch, he was stabbed in the senate (3) and according to Eutropius, around 60 or more men participated in his assassination (2). Cassius remarks, “And why should Caesar be a tyrant then?”(4 in copy) This means that Caesar was not able to see the jealousy of his conspirators. He was even unaware of the intentions of his best friend, Brutus, who was one of the conspirators. So, both Alexander and Caesar had grown immune to the warnings given to them and the result of their...
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