Alexander's Title as 'the Great' Is Justified

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  • Published : March 8, 2011
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Alexander the great remains one of the greatest leaders of the ancient world, surpassing the accomplishments of many Kings past and gone. Through a close study of Alexanders remarkable achievements, the qualities he possessed and his impact on humanity, the assessment can be made that the title for which he is remembered is fully justified. These components of Alexander’s life are documented throughout various written, epigraphic and numismatic primary and secondary sources. His unbridled ambition coupled with his thorough education is what drove him to such greatness, always aspiring for more. Alexander’s achievements are vast and many, ranging from his military exploits to his integration of the East and West. These cultural, social, and economical gains are what many recognise Alexander as representing. As a young boy, Alexander marvelled at the stories of his alleged ancestor Achilles, bewildered by the epic battles of the Iliad determined to live up to his ancestor’s name. Alexander became King of Macedon and ruler of all Greece in 336 BC, at age 20, shortly after the assassination of his father. Alexander’s military accomplishments were beyond impressive, succeeding in every military endeavour over a period of 11 years. The extent of Alexander’s victories can be manifested through the study of a preserved mosaic from Pompeii. The epigraphic source depicts King Darius III retreating from Alexander during a great battle further confirming the military superiority of Alexander’s army through his victory over one of History’s greatest military force, Persia. After just his 8th year of reign Alexander was proclaimed lord of Asia after conquering Egypt, Persia and central Asia. The Lindos chronicle is an ancient stone block found in the town of Lindos, Rhodes which was used to discover the extent of Alexanders reign. Inscribed on the stone was Alexander’s victory over Darius III and the affirmation that Alexander was proclaimed lord of Asia. As well as achieving...