Alex Pardee Bow Influence

Topics: Emotion, Garbage Pail Kids, Art Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: November 30, 2011
The artist I have that has influenced my BOW and that I have researched, is a freelance artist, apparel designer, and a writer from California. Alex has done artworks for numerous Clothing labels such as Hurley international, twenty twenty skateboards and upper playground, alongside with album art for bands such as Linkin park, The Used and In flames.

When Alex was young he spent months being hospitalised with severe depression and anxiety yet he overcame this through his own therapy: art. . His love for drawing and painting spawned from his fascination with the grotesque images of Garbage Pail Kids and Tales from the Crypt comics. This is where his Artworks started and he has devoted every second since to creating new pieces and unique characters.

For years alex would use sketch drawings and graffiti as an emotional outlet, which we keep him occupied able to express his emotions. Once he began to photocopy his sketches, he scattered them all over his local area, in-between pages at the bookstores, newsagencies and in public waiting rooms. A few years after, he was convinced by other artists that he should use his collected images and print a book professionally. in the same year he released hat book which is the recognised " My book of colours". In the past five years he has managed to publish a series of comics, calendars and put on various art exhibitions.

The style in which padree creates his work now days is inspired by years of watching horror movies and writing graffiti. One of Alex's main intentions is turning line and colour into trauma and insanity whilst project a strong message that the viewer can personally feel and be involved in . He tries to capture images or events that occurred throughout his own nightmares. Being a fan of horror it isn't hard for him to add his own passion and artistic flare into each piece.

Alex uses his art as a means of self medication, saturating all of his works full of emotion and personality. He uses a...
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