Alex Malarkey

Topics: God, Devil, Surgery Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Payton Allen
I. Intro – Thesis Statement: What if I told you, that I’ve been to heaven? What if I told you, that I’ve met God, Jesus, the angels, and yes, even the devil? It seems hard to believe, yes I know. However, I assure you, it’s all the truth! My name is William Alexander Malarkey. This is my story.

II. Body Paragraph #1: First, let me take you back to when and where this all started. A. November 2004, Alex and his dad were in a major car accident. The other people in the other car survived the accident ok. B. Alex’s dad survived the accident, but Alex had major injuries. C. Alex’s vertebra was detached from his head, and he remained in a coma for the next two months.

III. Body Paragraph #2: For those 2 months he was in the coma, young Alex visited heaven. He met God, Jesus, angels, and even the devil. A. When he met the devil, the devil tried to convince him that the accident was all young Alex’s fault. The devil said to him “Yeah, that’s right. Your daddy is dead, and it’s your fault,”( even though his dad survived), because he had asked his dad a question, and his dad turned around to answer it, and when he turned around, that was when the car hit. B. Alex also says he met Jesus. When he was with Jesus, his spirit and Jesus were watching the doctor’s work on Alex’s body in the hospital. Jesus told Alex that he will survive the accident and breathe on his own. He also made Alex look away as they implanted tubes in his throat so he wouldn’t remember and be scared. Angels then called Alex’s name, telling him “Alex, go back,” and he went back and Jesus held him during his time in the emergency room. C. Alex also says he met none other than The Father himself, God. He says God wears a long white robe, and he has a body that’s just like a human body, but just much larger. He also says nobody can look at the face of God, or that person will die. As Alex stands in the presence of God, he looks...
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