Alex Ferguson- The Truth

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Alex Ferguson- The Truth

"I apologize to all : Manchester United, my teammates, the fans, the federation ... and I also want to apologize to the prostitute who shared my bed last evening. " Eric Cantona (Jan25 1995) Eric Cantona issuing an apology for flying kicking a Crystal Palace fan ........ 

 In 2001,  Roy Keane captain of manunited was injured in a clash with Alf-Inge Haaland and had to be sidelined for some months,when Keane eventually  met Alf-Inge in the match against Manchester City,Keane broke Alf- Inge knee with a vicious tackle and ended the Norwegian's footballing carrer and Keane was so powerful as captain of manunited that in his autobiography acknowledged that the kick had been hit with premeditation On 20 September 2003, Rio Ferdinand whom Manchester United had paid a record 33 million pounds, the most money ever paid for a player in the British Isles at that time, refused to go to a control doping surprise test  ,yes, this is the same Ferdinand who denied to shake Luis Suarez and later said "I lost all respect for Suarez. " The player was suspended for eight months by the Football Association for eight games and missed the Euro Cup in Portugal for England. Moreover, the monetary fine was $ 90 000. Ferguson waited quietly and as soon as he returned was sent straight back into the team .  

During those months, Ferguson expressed no opinion. Nothing. The tabloids that abounds in England, announced sometime ago that Wayne Rooney, who is married ,when his wife was pregnant, cheated on her with a prostitute. It was in September 2010 and nearly cost him a divorce,it did cost Tiger Woods his marriage, beyond it being the private life of one of his players, Sir Alex did not take any important decision. Something similar happened when in June last year it was revealed that Ryan Giggs,  had a romantic relationship with her ​​sister Natasha, her brother married for eight years nd even offered to settle his brother out of court for a meagrely...
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