Alex and the Amazing Time Machine

Topics: Time travel, Universe, Future Pages: 3 (1157 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Thank goodness I made it back in one piece. I have my brother and the world is happy again. Especially since Carl and Little Davy have been sent to the beginning of time. First, I’d like to say that I have finally and successfully finished building my time machine but there’s a story behind that:

Psycho gave me this booster for the time machine to finally get it running. When I got home, I was pretty excited because I was sure that it was going to work. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I was so frustrated and fell asleep with Scout in my arms. That same night, forgot to turn off the machine. Sometime between that and waking up this morning, my dog Scout disappeared. I was really scared and nervous but I had to go to school. Later that day, my school had a field trip to the museum. In the museum, we saw these dioramas of early man and I kept seeing this dog that looked an awful lot like Scout. I realized it was Scout and at that point it hit me that she might have gotten into the machine while I was sleeping and went back in time and became known as a “thoropulis”. The explanation behind the “thoropulis” was that it seemed to have always been searching for something or someone. My guess is that she was trying to get home. As my class was learning more and more about this “thoropulis” it hit me that it could only mean that the time machine actually worked! I was so excited to get back home because this meant one thing: I could travel in time and save my brother!

When my class and I got back to the bus from the museum, the same white van that Carl and Little Davy drive turned up at the museum. Todd and I became super nervous because there was only one explanation as to why they were there: they were after me! Todd quickly hatched up a plan to distract Carl and Little Davy. He had the class get out of the bus to shield me from view. From that point, I ran back home and rushed to my room to activate the time machine. By accident in panic, I...
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