Alebrije Report

Topics: Othello, Iago, Love Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Alebrijes come from a popular form of art created by a Mexican artist by the name of Pedro Linares. They were created in between 1936-1940 in Mexico City. They are made up of paper Mache and they are made with parts of different animals and they have vibrant, bright colors. They are made so unique. Some people wonder how these famous Alebrijes are so famous? They are famous because Pedro Linares, He started making Alebrijes when he was greatly ill. It was hard for him to get help because of the poor people in Mexico had no money and it was hard for them to get medicine So while he was sick he had a strange dream about rocks, clouds turned into something strange. It was some type of animal but one he could not describe. He said that all he heard was one word the animals were shouting one word “Alebrijes”. After he had this freighting dream he informed all family, friend, and neighbors about the animals he had saw. Soon after that he took a piece of paper and started to mold it into the animals he had saw and this was the start of the famous Alebrijes. Well Othello takes places in Vincent. The main characters are Desdemona, Iago, Casio, Othello, and Emilia. They all played a huge role in this story. It all started with Desdemona falling in love with Othello. They got secretly married. Desdemona came up missing and Imago told her dad that the Moor (Othello) has kidnapped her. After they founded her she confessed to marring Othello. After this Othello was sent away to way and Cassio was prompted. Iago was furious and was determined to get Cassio down. He started by stealing Desdemona’s Cloth and letting Cassio act like he founded it. The Cloth was giving to Desdemona by Othello. It had great value, if she were to lose it this would mean that she was to lose his love and he would start looking at other woman. When he found out this he started to hate Cassio. Now Iago has gotten Cassio where he wants. So now Othello has founded out he has sleep with his wife. So now he...
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