Aldrich Ames

Topics: Soviet Union, Central Intelligence Agency, KGB Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: June 3, 2008
Aldrich Ames was one of the biggest backstabbers in history. Ames turned his back to our country and because of him 24 Americans were shamelessly slaughtered in Russia. Aldrich had a way with words, and was an excellent reader. However, that doesn’t change the horrible things he did to this country. He was an embarrassment to the CIA and a traitor.

“Rick’s” mother, Rachel, was a high school teacher, and Rick was among the wittiest people at Langley High School. He was very clever; in fact, he even invented his own secret language. Rick was also a great actor. Carleton Ames was Rick’s father and had secretly worked for the CIA in Burma. This took place in the early 1950s. He posed as a college professor on leave to study the local culture there.

After he graduated high school, Ames went to the University of Chicago. Sadly, he spent so much time working in the drama club that he flunked out. Rick got into the CIA scene through his dad in February 1962. At night, he would go to college classes. He soon realized how much his acting skills would come in handy when he was training in “the farm”- one of the CIA’s secret training facilities.

The CIA assigned him to its Soviet division and sent him to Ankara, Turkey. There, he posed as a military officer. His job was to recruit Turks as spies; soon enough the CIA found out that he wasn’t good at recruiting people. Ames was so disappointed, that he considered quitting his job. However, the agency sent him to its foreign language school where he mastered Russian and in 1974, they finally gave him a break.

Without any help whatsoever, Ames ruined all of the CIA’s connections in the Soviet Union. He went right ahead and told the Russians all the names of the “human assets” that the U.S. had working for them there. He cold bloodedly sold the KGB the names of twenty-five “sources.” Those poor people, all Russians, were soon arrested and were sentenced to what they call “the highest measure of...
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