Aldous Huxley's Critical Take on Society in Brave New World

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  • Published : November 15, 2012
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“Brave new world” is a book about a New World. In this New World there is no love, there are no strong emotions and everything is about the community and not about the individual. In the New World only Community and Stability really matter. This New World is situated in the future (the year 623 After Ford). Mothers and Fathers or other relatives do no longer exist in the New World (only in reservations). Children are made in factories, where they grow in bottles and they are conditioned to be whatever society needs them to be. The people consist of five different classes. These classes range from Alpha to Epsilon. Alpha’s are the most intelligent and Epsilons are the least intelligent. Epsilons have to do very simple work; that is why they are conditioned to like that kind of work. . Bernard and Lenina both work in a factory, where children are made. Bernard is an Alpha plus, who looks like a Gamma and therefor he’s a bit of an outcast. Lenina is a very populair girl among the Alpha’s. Bernard likes Lenina and he askes her to go to an Indian reservation with him. In the Indian reservation they meet John, whose mother Linda once came from the civilized world and got lost in the reservation. Lenina finds Linda horrible and disgusting, because she has a son, is old and doesn’t look pretty any more. However Lenina falls in love with John. Bernard and Lenina take John and Linda back with them to study them. John doesn’t like the New World, he thinks the New World is madness. Linda is very glad she’s back, but because of the way she looks people avoid her and she no longer feels welcome. Linda takes 'soma' (some sort of drug) and is high all the time. John misses her. Linda dies of taking very much 'soma' and of old age. John is furious. He takes the 'soma', which was ment to be given to the Delta’s who had just finished their work and he tells them how bad 'soma' actually is. Bernard and Helmholtz (friend of John) come to rescue him from the angry crowd...
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