Aldous Huxley's Brave New World: A Review

Topics: Brave New World, Religion, Human sexual behavior Pages: 5 (1962 words) Published: February 26, 2011
The task of predicting the future is difficult at best, yet Huxley’s predictions of the future have proven to be eerily accurate in several areas. Many of Huxley’s predictions have already been realized or will be realized in a few short years. West Hill Collegiate Institute shows us these specific predictions, which are closely related to today, our sexual practices, an obsession with youth and beauty, the minimal role of parents and the practice of religion.   

In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World people treat sex as a form of entertainment rather than an expression of love between a couple.  Most forms of entertainment in Brave New World somehow relate to sex.  For example the feelies are pornographic movies with a more advanced plot line and the tremendous bonus of experiencing the same things as the actors on the screen.  The government encourages sex and promiscuity among its citizens; if a person is not promiscuous they are seen as outcasts. Sex in Brave New World is not a private matter and is openly practiced.  To ensure that sex’s purpose is for entertainment the government makes only thirty percent of the female population fertile. This ensures that the population will not view sex as a form of reproduction because the majority are not capable of sexual reproduction. The more partners a person has the more popular the person is. 

A person is discouraged from having a long-term relationship with one person.   If they have a long term relationship their loyalty to the government and Ford is in question, as evidenced in the following excerpt: “And you know how strongly the DHC objects to anything intense or long and drawn out.  Four months of Henry Foster without having another man - why, he’d be furious if he knew”. One night-stands are common and expected. Sex is discussed openly in Brave New World. It is not seen as dirty, shameful or something to be discussed behind closed doors.  From a young age children learn about sex and contraceptives.  Children are forced to use contraceptives every time they have sex. They are encouraged to participate in sex play from a young age.  Those who do not wish to participate are taken to a psychologist for an evaluation.

Religion in Brave New World is also linked to sex.  During their solidarity services they chant, Orgy- porgy, Ford and fun, Kiss the girls and make them one. Boys at one with girls at peace, Orgy-Porgy gives release (75). Once Ford has come to them the service reaches its climax and they all have sex. Sexual behaviour in our society is moving toward Huxley’s vision. 

In the past sex was viewed as a private issue not to be discussed openly. Today sex is shown in all forms of media in magazines, movies, and TV.  You cannot turn on the TV without hearing about or seeing some aspect of sex.  The pages of magazines are filled with articles on sex.  Children are learning about sex and the importance of contraceptives at younger and younger ages.  In grade eight girls are taught how to use a condom and other contraceptives properly.  A growing number of people in our society wish to have sex with multiple partners instead of only one person.  “One night-stand” frequently occurs in our society and divorce has become common.  It has even become common for teachers to have sex with their students.  Safe sex is being taught more often to teenagers rather than the benefits of abstinence. We as a society are moving away from the idea of sex as a form of reproduction and an act performed between two loving individuals towards sex as being purely a form of entertainment.

            The people of Brave New World have an obsession with youth and beauty.  All Alphas are given hormones at the age of thirty to assure that they would not age past that point and would retain their youthful appearance until they died.  When Lenina saw Linda and the other savages on the reservation she was disgusted as were the children at...
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