Aldous Huxley

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Malek Baker
Research Paper
Brave New World

In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, his utilitarian society seeks the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest amount of the people (Brandt, “Utilitarianism and Moral Rights”). The ways they achieve this are through genetic engineering, selective breeding, artificial selection, also having the masses us hallucinogenic and antidepressant drugs. The happiness of the society does not come from what most would think like achievements, advancements, and love. Instead, happiness is found through stability and the emotional equilibrium in the population of the world state. Their greatest happiness is through scientific and social conditioning, this then makes the person content with who they are and what they will then do with the rest of their life. They seem to lack the desires and wants of our modern day human societies. There is even no advancement between the social classes and some even don’t interact with one another. With complete happiness trying to be achieved, the society of the world state has taken control over birthing; science has then replaced the family unit. Also religion has been seen to be primitive and the new way to live by is now called Fordism. With the society and government having control over almost every aspect of the citizens’ lives, they have found what is to be said as safe outlets for human desires and emotions. The way of life for the people of the world state now has them without unhappiness. If you do not have unhappiness you cannot understand what truly being happy is.

In Huxley’s society, the good that the society aims for is happiness, government, industry, and all the other social apparatuses like the hallucinogens are taken in order to maximize the happiness for all members of the society. Since the society is fixated on always being happy they use certain methods which are seen as taboos and even norms in some societies of our current world. The use of Soma, which is a hallucinogenic antidepressant drug, keeps the people taking the drug “happy”. People take this drug to go on “holiday”, which ends up being a hallucinogenic trip to escape the current realities and moods that seem to be bothering or irritating the person. Although this society kept as a utilitarian society, the citizens are still human, even though genetic engineering is used, Unhappiness and irritation sets in, then the person refuses to experience unhappiness, the drug then keeps the people from wonder and appreciation of beauty, which could only be achieved from knowing the exact opposite of what the drug puts on the person. Humanity in this book must first know to be unhappy which would then create and appreciate beauty.

The world state citizens must ask if truth is more important than happiness. This society was built after the time of Ford. Who is now seen as a deity, they even celebrate a Ford day. The people of this society even go as far to swear by the name of Ford. Their world state calendar has the year’s number in the “AF” era, which means “Annum Ford”. Their calendar makes the year 1 AF equivalent to 1908 AD; this is the year that the first model T rolled off of Fords assembly line (McDowell, “Life without father and ford”). The controller of the current society argues that happiness is more important than truth. The citizens have no real recollection of the world and its societies before their own time.

In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World he put great play on the culture of the people and the way they lived their lives in a utilitarian society, but there was also another society in this book. The people of the society before the world state are now seen as “savages”, which are said to be an Indian culture. The savages live on Indian reservations, on the reservations they still worship a god through Christianity and birth their children the natural current way we do today. The “civilized” people of the world state even take vacation trips in...
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