Aldous Huxley Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley's Brave New World (1931)

1. General:2
1.1 The Novel2
1.1.1Short Info2
1.1.2The Style2
1.2 The Setting2
1.2.1 BNW – a "perfect" system ?3
1.2.2 Satirical Elements in BNW4
1.3 The Characters4
1.3.1Fanny Crowne4
1.3.2Lenina Crowne (Main Female Character)4
1.3.3Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning (Thomas Tomakin)4 1.3.4Henry Foster4
1.3.5John the Savage5
1.3.7Bernard Marx (One of the most important male characters)5 1.3.8Helmholtz Watson6
1.3.9Mustapha Mond6
1.4 BNW's Society and Moral Values6
2. Themes, Motifs and Symbols7
2.1 Themes7
2.1.1 The Use of Technology to Control Society7
2.1.2 The Consumer Society8
2.1.3 The Incompatibility of Happiness and Truth8
2.1.4 Class Conflict8
2.1.5 Sex8
2.1.6 Knowledge and Ignorance9
2.1.7 Community, Identity, Stability vs. Individual Freedom9 2.1.8 Technology as a Religion9
2.2 Motifs10
3 Plot Summary10
4 Sources11

1. General:
1.1 The Novel

1.1.1Short Info

-Utopia (Dystopian / anti-utopian novel), all definitions can be used on BNW -Written in 1931, published in 1932 by Aldous Huxley
-Novel questions the values of 1931 London using satire and irony, contemporary trends in British and American society are taken to extremes -In BNW Aldous Huxley turns to an imaginative analysis of the future as it appeared to him already implicit in the present  he analyses the consequences for mankind of rapidly acquired scientific power and the problems arising out of hyper-development of the intellect at the expense of other human qualities 1.1.2The Style

-Third-person, omniscient teller
-Chronological for the most part; only some flash-backs
-First six chapters are used to show how the World State's society functions -The climax of the novel is Johns attempt to set up a riot in Chapter 15 -The tone of the novel is ironic, satirical, silly, tragic, juvenile, pedantic

1.2 The Setting

-Set in London, six hundred years in the future (in 2495)
-All people around the world are governed by a totalitarian state (most forms of freedom are abandoned, human values / moral standards are twisted around  family, life, and death mean nothing in this society), free from war, hatred poverty, disease and pain. People are expected to have pleasure living their life, society should run in a certain order and everyone is expected to be conform to the system to maintain this order. -There are 10 controllers in charge

-Humans are created and conditioned in factories using a technology ( "Bokanovsky Process") to create ninety-six people from one fertilized egg -People are conditioned differently depending on the class they are intended to belong to in the future

-There are five social classes, from Alphas – superior, highly intelligent, physically attractive  desirable and intellectually demanding jobs, to Epsilons – inferior, mentally deficient, physically unattractive  least desirable, menial jobs

Conditioned with hypnopaedia (sleep conditioning) and electric shocks The people of a class are that well conditioned that they never strive after changing the status quo As adults people are content if they are allowed to fulfill their conditioned destinies

1.2.1 BNW – a "perfect" system ?

-A perfect system is like a circle which you can't penetrate -The author must either "construct" a mistake in the system or else introduce somebody from outside, or both

1.2.2 Satirical Elements in BNW
Exaggerated actions in order to criticize
-Fundamental values have been ridiculed + perverted
-Means of a manipulation of language
-Author throughout book: express opposite o fwhat he means or ironically comments on certain activities on BNWorlders  consider the ???

1.3 The Characters

1.3.1Fanny Crowne

-Nineteen years old, Beta, character is never really...
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