Alderian Theory

Topics: Truth, Reality, Alfred Adler Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: February 28, 2012

This paper will discuss how the Adlerian theory reflects my personal values and beliefs as it relates to the practice of counseling as a clinician.

Adlerian Theory and My Style

After reading the three assigned theories the Adlerian theory more closely matched my personal values and beliefs. I selected the population that I currently work to be my current clients to be the basis of my paper. In my present job, the population served is clients with children that currently excused from work by a medical doctor. So as a counselor, I would use the Adlerian theory.

The Adlerian theory contains six key concepts. Adlerian view of human nature focuses on feelings. This is the first key concept. These feelings viewed not negatively but positively as the client world view that are necessary for creativity. Alderian focus on environment and heredity is not as important as it is to understand that each person make choices. These choices can improve and bring change to one’s life. As a clinician, the way the clinician view human nature is critical to this theory. Family make up and environment does not dictate the client's future behavior. Changes are necessary for any real change in a client’s life. The population that clinician work with is at a point in their life when some change is necessary. This concept is essential in Adlerian theory known as client’s reality. The clinician has to be able to see the client reality in the eyes of the client. Understanding the client reality brings the client reasoning for their behavior. The clinician can see what his or her reality. Clinician can better understand the client’s reality. The clinician lived in different countries and experienced other cultures making it easier for the clinician to accept the client’s worldview. Clinician worldview beliefs shaped through the eyes of others.

All behavior is meticulously thought out for a purpose whether it is goal driven or consciously thought out....
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