Alcoholo Ad Should Be Banned

Topics: Tourism, Pollution, Transport Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Today, tourism is one of the major industries in the world and also is a great source of foreign exchange for many nations which major possessions are the natural resources. Between Tourism and the environment has a complex relationship. There are many positives and negatives impacts of tourism will discuss in this essay. One of the main negative impacts of tourism is noise and air pollution. Tourism may cause the same forms of pollution such as air emissions and noise. Noise pollution from buses, cars, and plans as well as recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles is an ever-growing issue of modern life. For example, noise produced by snowmobiles might affect animals to alter their natural activity patterns. Transport emissions and other emissions from energy production are related to photochemical pollution, acid rain and global warming. Air pollution from tourist transportation has effects on the global level. Some of these effects are specific to tourist activities. The example of this is that especially in quite hot or cold countries, tour buses often leave their motors running for hours while the tourists go out for an excursion because they want to return to a comfortable air-conditioned bus. Another negative impact of tourism is increasing in price. Growing demand for goods from tourists will cause local residents whose income does not increase. A San Francisco State University study of Belize found that, as a consequence of tourism development, the prices for locals increased by 8%. The development of tourism could raise the value of land and building cost. It makes hard for local people see their basic daily goods and can also result in a power by outsider’s in-migration that financial chances for the locals. In some countries, around 70% of motels belong to foreigner people, for tourists who live in the second home for long-terms, and so-called amenity migrants which means people retied from their job and also should also enjoy their life which cause...
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