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Alcoholism at Home

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  • September 2005
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Children who grow up In families In which parents abuse alcohol live in fear, suffer and “learn” behavior that inhibit their future lives. Many parents are worried of what is happening with children, who face the fact of excessive drinking of alcohol. Parents from alcoholic families, but those who don’t drink are afraid that their children will inherit the addiction. Some parents are fearful of the destructive possibility and braking up of the family; others think that children don’t see anything. Many, because of children, consider what will be better for the child and when it will have claims: when the parents will divorce or when the family will tolerate the person who drinks. Some of these apprehensions have real reasons, other don’t. Against some opinion children from pathological families don’t have to be bad students (often times they are the best), they don’t have to succeed less than their friends from “normal” families, they don’t have to be wobbly (many of them are active and pugnacious, and also resourceful and responsible). However, in this theory, there are theories and truths really important that we shouldn’t ignore, but we should get to know them and think of them. Children from alcoholic families experience everything more than their friends. They suffer more tense, anxiety, confusion and loneliness. These feelings favor the creation of defensive attitude. Alcoholism is more than just drinking alcohol. It is a long-drawn illness, caused by immoderate drinking, thinking about alcohol and losing control of consuming it. Even though many experts think that we can’t fight against alcoholism, we can limit it and get to abstinence. In some ways it is similar to a diabetic person. He can’t really win with the illness, but he can cooperate with his organism and avoid eating food that contains sugar. Similarly, an alcoholic person can’t realistically change the reaction...

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