Alcoholism and the society

Topics: Alcoholism, Addiction, Alcohol abuse Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: March 5, 2013

Christopher Prailleau
English lV CP
Cathy Threatt
30 March 2012
What can be done to help a person who is a victim of alcoholism? Alcoholism is a serious problem in today’s society. It is very important that the public, including the large groups of people who abuse alcohol has the knowledge as much as possible about the symptoms and effects of alcoholism, but that the public also fatalities, injuries, and sees diseases caused from the use and abuse of alcohol. The reasons that an alcoholic victim uses alcohol are sad. The person might use alcohol because of depression, problem in his/her life, and stress. There is a difference between someone having a drink every once in a while and a person who is an alcoholic. Education on the effects of alcoholism can have different outcomes in the victim’s life and are the best ways for society can help lower the number of people who are addicted to alcohol.

Drinking to get drunk in social situations is not the right thing to do. Driven by peer pressure by the people that the victim surrounds themselves around. This can lead to trouble and danger if out in public intoxicated. The drinker can be arrested for public intoxication and sent to jail. This also can lead to drunk driving and putting innocent people’s life in danger. If the drinker chooses to do so they should be arrested. Having loved ones being killed by drunk drivers make you look at the whole situation different. If the victim has had a drink they should call a friend or call a taxi to take them to their destination. Getting in their car and driving anywhere is not and never will be acceptable.

When the victim becomes addicted to alcohol it is said that they have no self control over the addiction. They will do whatever it takes to get drinks to feed their addiction. Alcoholics may prefer beer, wine, or any other intoxicating beverages. The craving to drink has been compared to that for food when starving or water when dehydrated. As the...
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