Alcoholics Anonymous Reaction Paper

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  • Published : April 20, 2008
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Alcoholics Anonymous was very uncomfortable. I felt out of place amongst people that have actual problems. I felt disrespectful for being there, but I had no choice. At first they were nice to us, but when they found out we were there as a punishment they didn’t like it. They were all there to get clean and change their lives. I was there to do my time, and make it back in time to have fun and forget the whole thing. I had no business being there and it didn’t teach us anything. I listened to their stories and couldn’t relate to any of them. It felt as though I was cheating them because alcohol was not even the reason I was forced to go there. Also the fact that my drinking isn’t an issue let alone nowhere near a problem it felt like I was mocking them simply by sitting in on their meeting.

Alcoholics Anonymous was definitely overkill. They are clearly not used to people who don’t have problems going there. I feel as though it is difficult for me to relate and that is an issue. I do feel like I came out a different person because I know have a new respect for people with a problem like that and I wish I was able to grow as a person like they do but unfortunately I don’t have a problem so it basically was a waste of my time. Alcoholics Anonymous is for people with real problems that need real help. Not for stupid college kids who smoked pot. I don’t have a problem. For the last time marijuana is not physically addictive. I do it when I want to and that’s it. If I don’t want to use then I don’t, and yes I know I’m in control.
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