Alcoholics Anonymous Experience

Topics: Alcoholism, Alcohol abuse, Drug addiction Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: June 1, 2011
The type of meeting I decided to attend was an Alcoholics Anonymous held on campus by a fellow University of Cincinnati student. She said that she decided to begin to hold the meetings on the UC main campus because she has had a long history of being an alcoholic and she knew that out of a university of 30,000+ students, she could not be the only person suffering from this condition. There were two additional people who attended the meeting (a male and a female), as well as six classmates who were observing the meeting, and a baby (the child of the woman holding the meeting).

We began the meeting by introducing ourselves to everyone and telling the reason they are attending the meeting. The reasons ranged from being an alcoholic to being a drug addict. The meeting was a very calm and relaxing place and I think that contributed to the comfortable feeling I got while being there. No matter what was said no one was judgmental or negatively perceived by the group. I believe the positive energy I felt while in the group was because everyone participating had been in similar situations due to their problems and it helped that they can get help with people whom they can relate to. The only part I didn’t like about the meeting that I attended was the fact that the group leader had brought her child. The toddler would constantly interrupt the meeting by crying, making noise, and bothering people while testimonies were being given. I think the distraction it caused took away from the overall effectiveness of the meeting.

I do believe that Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are effective ways to treat alcohol. Alcoholism is not something that can be treated alone many times. The more a person is dependent on alcohol in their lives, the more their brain attempts to convince themselves that they do not need help and that if they stop drinking their lives will be worse. In each testimony given, everyone had a different way they initially made their approach to get better,...
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