Alcoholic Beverage Should Be Illegal for All Ages

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  • Published : September 24, 2011
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Alcoholic Beverage Should be Illegal for All Ages
Many people over the whole world drink alcoholic beverage. Each country has its rule to deal with who drink alcohol. In United States, the person who wants to drink alcoholic beverage must be at least 21 years old. Alcohol is said to turn life easier and relaxed, and to give high confidence. In addition, they think you will be less tired if you drink it. Consuming alcohol can lead to the health problems, criminal issues, and problems in the workplace.

One of the problems that alcohol may cause is health problems. Despite of the fact that people think alcohol beverages make someone relaxed, it can cause a lot of big health effects. High consuming of alcoholic beverages can make someone be addicted, and can cause different kinds of diseases. According to, most of these diseases are chronic diseases. also states that ‘‘fatty degeneration of the liver, infection of the liver, liver cirrhosis, sleeping disorders, sexual problems, infection of the esophagus, infection of the stomach, cancer mouth, and heart problems’’ are caused by alcohol. The risk of many of heart and liver diseases increases by alcohol consuming. All these are considered as a long term of alcohol. In addition, the low level of consuming alcohol beverages can cause a short- term effects. According to The negative of alcohol article on the same website, it is said that alcohol cause other affect on the human being body. It leads several kinds of physical problems . The researchers from the same website report that it cause bad balance, slower reaction, giddiness, confused vision, the headaches, hangovers, slurred speech, inadequacy, warm feeling, loss of short term memory, and loss sense. The physical effects depend how much has the person consuming of alcoholic beverage. Alcoholic beverage can lead to addicted consuming of alcohol which called “alcoholism”.

Besides the reason that was said above, criminal issue is...
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