Alcohol Reflection essay

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Alcohol Reflection

About a month ago I was written up for possession of alcohol and smoking in a dry dorm. Though I did not participate I was present, so Yes I broke a rule and take full responsibility for that. I am 21 and have just started at the Academy of Art University for a bachelor in Animation, and this is my first time ever being in a situation like this. As well as getting written up for an alcohol violation, and in all reality, my first time being written up for anything. With that said, I got written up for a minor offense (since I am not only of age and wasn’t drunk but hate the taste of alcohol in its entirety), took full responsibility, took the online alcohol assessment and learned a little bit about alcohol which I would have been better off oblivious to.

As for my previous experiences with alcohol, I have had no real experiences since I would not drink. Of course when I would hear people say let’s go have fun, or we should go party. In my mind I would hear let’s get drunk. In my entire life have had only 3 whole beers a Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Blue Moon, and Heineken as well as a sip of Dos XX. I had all of these at different times after I turned 21. The only iteration I had with alcohol was when I had to sober up my four brothers' after they had been out partying. I feel that for the most part I am safe because I will never have an alcohol problem, but there are things that I need to change. If I continue to hang around people who like to drink and do not care for the rules the way I am now. I will be getting in more trouble even though I do not have any real hand in the event. The course actually opened up my eyes to how much of people actually drink to be intoxicated and spend on alcohol. The course also showed the average of college students who drink heavily and smoke marijuana all too often. To see that number and being in a mindset as me about the inexperience of the world it is scary to think that you are the...
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