Alcohol Reflection 2

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  • Published : December 9, 2008
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About 3 weeks ago I was written up for possession of alcohol in a dry dorm. Yes I broke a rule and take full responsibility for that. I am 21 and have been at USF for my entire 4 year career, and this is my first time ever getting written up for an alcohol violation, and in all reality, my first time being written up for anything. With that said, I got written up for a minor offense (since I am of age and wasn’t drunk or breaking any other rules), took full responsibility, took the online alcohol assessment and learned a little bit about alcohol.

As for my previous experiences with alcohol, I’ve had a lot of good experiences since I feel that for the most part I am safe drinker, but there are things that I need to change if I continue to drink the way I do now. The course actually opened up my eyes to how much I actually drink and spend on alcohol. The course also showed my worst (highest) BAC level that I probably had. To see that number and what it means is going on in your body is scary to think that you could die from trying to have a fun night.

With the sanction that I got (online alcohol assessment and letter home), I feel that it was an educational experience for me. I also realized that I should be more careful as to where I drink when I am on campus. I should also be aware of who I am drinking with, because I was drinking with freshman who are 17-18 years of age whereas I am 21.
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