Alcohol Reaction Paper

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Sociology 101
Section 21
November 20, 2012
Reaction Paper
Alcohol can be seen everywhere throughout the media, individuals lifestyles, and other portions of society. The amount of people becoming dependent on alcohol is spreading due to excessive partying, excessive drinking, and peer pressure. Society portrays drinking alcohol as cool, masculine, and a measurement of how much of a “man” you are. This documentary “Spin the Bottle” was about how drinking alcohol is negatively affecting society and is becoming worse throughout the generations. They explain how men are pressured to drink alcohol to become a more of a man. In films drinking alcohol is considered something that everyone should do and it is a part of manhood. This documentary also elaborates on how alcohol affects woman in society as well. Alcohol advertisements portray woman as attractive, sexy, and as the “bad girl”. Therefore, women are pressured to become what society portrays woman drinking alcohol as, which is a woman of power, dominance, and highly recognized among men. They are mimicking male behavior by drinking more than men and going beyond what they do. Women who drink heavily are less feminine, and men who drink heavily are more masculine. Due to this, advertisements portray women as classy while drinking. This documentary also elaborates upon how alcohol and sex work cohesively to target males and females in society. Sexual related alcohol advertisements portray sex as something to be fun and sensual. They do not show the reality of alcohol induced sexual intercourse. It is glamourized in American society, causing ignorance in society.
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