Alcohol Industry in India Essay

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Alcohol Industry in India Essay

By | July 2011
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Alcohol in India is basically classified into
1. Beer
2. Country liquor
4. Wines
An estimate by IWSR states that there were close to 400 mn cases of alcohol sold in 2009. Out of which spirits sold around 200 mn cases and Beer sold around 196 mn cases (a case in beer is 7.8 ltrs). A case has 12 bottles each, constituting 9 litres.

In alcohol, spirits and beer are considered separate categories. IMFL is Indian Made Foreign Liquor and constitutes of Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Brandy and Rum. Whisky contributes to 55%, followed by Rum that contributes to 27% after which comes Brandy at 14% followed by Gin and Vodka contributing to 3 and 1% respectively. Whisky is generally made out of fermented grain mash and is hence grain based. In India however most of the whisky is made out of fermented molasses that would be called as ‘rum’ outside India. Rum is made out of Sugarcane. Specifically, Mollasses.

Vodka is composed primarily of water and ethanol. It is generally made out of fermented grains and potatoes. The ABV is generally between 35% to 70%. Gin is a spirit whose predominant flavor is derived from juniper berries. The minimum ABV differing from 37.5 to 40% in certain countries. In 2010, the highest sold IMFL was Bagpiper whisky with 16.5mn  cases In Rum, USLs Celebration Rum is the highest selling in India with around 13.8 mn cases sold. In Beer, Kingfisher is the largest selling beer in India, however, the largest selling strong beer (6% or more ABV) is closely contested between Haywards 5000 and Kingfisher.

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