Alcohol Drinking

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Alcohol Drinking

A.person’s mood to change rapidly

B.Alcohol drinking will have a person depending on alcohol C.Alcohol drinking is one of the leading causes of risky behavior. D.Alcohol drinking can cause alcohol dependence

E.Alcohol Drinking can be deadly
A.Alcohol drinking can cause alcohol poisoning
Alcohol drinking influences a person to drive, which is endangering themselves as well as others. B.
Alcohol drinking should not be done because it is not healthy or safe.

I.Health conditions can be caused by binge drinking.
A. Alcohol Drinking can cause permanent nerve damage. B. Binge drinking can cause skin damage.
C. Alcohol drinking can cause loss of brain cells.
D. Alcohol drinking is linked to liver and heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and cirrhosis. II. Alcohol drinking causes emotional changes Alcohol drinking an cause a

Alcohol is a depressive that will have a person in denial of what they are doing. Friend and family relationships are ruined because of the mood swings. Alcohol will cause permanent health problems. Most people begin to drink when they are teenagers and continue through adulthood. Alcohol consumption is not a good way to sooth pain or have fun, but it is a way to slowly ruin your body and your social life.


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