Alcohol Drinkers

Topics: Alcoholism, Drinking culture, Alcohol abuse Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: October 14, 2010
The Five Types of Drinkers in America Today
It seems as though the number of Americans picking up drinking has increased through out the years. It use to be you hardly heard of people drinking. If they did it did not in volve as much alcohol as Americas drink now. Today in America there are five different types of alcohol drinkers which are: The Social Drinker, The Irresponsible Drinker, The Binge drinker, The Under aged drinker and The flat out Alcoholic.

The Social Drinkers are ones who only drink on special occasions for relaxation. They drink amongst friends and drink slowly to be able to enjoy their company. They will invite friends over to sit and have conversations or to just watch a football game while drinking a few beers. They never drive while drinking or drive after drinking. The Social Drinker will also drink around people who do not drink, but they do not pressure or try to push drinking on these people. They do not rely on the drink. Meaning they have control and they stay in control and never become dependent on the drink itself.

Then you have the Irresponsible Drinkers who are defined the opposite of the Social drinkers. Instead of inviting friends over or going to friends for the social aspects, they tend to head to a bar for the buzz. They are usually very loud and brazen. Becoming easily angered and becoming impaired and unable to drive. Sometimes they lose control of how much they drink and may lose memory of what happens the night before while drinking. Many of your Irresponsible Drinkers start to depend on the drink, thinking they have to have it on a regular basis.

The next kind of drinker is a form of the Irresponsible Drinker, they are known as the under aged drinkers. They tend to drink to show off for friends or peers that pressure them into drinking. They like throwing parties and playing loud obnoxious music till two or three o’clock in the mornings. Since they already have less mature judgment at...
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